The perfect combination for cartilage repair.

How CartiONE works

Freshly isolated chondrocytes enhanced with bone marrow cells in one surgery

One-Hour Cell Service 


Cell-Based Cartilage Repair in One Surgery 

  • Combination of fresh chondrocytes and bone-marrow cells
    • Cellular interaction improves production of  physiological hyaline cartilage
    • Evidence shown in over 50 published papers4 
  • Patented Rapid Chondrocyte Isolation
    • 95% reduction in chondrocyte isolation time allows for single surgical procedure
    • Isolates the required amount of chondrocytes for cartilage regeneration process
    • Fresh non-cultured chondrocytes maintain their intrinsic potential for cartilage formation1 
  • Can be combined with a range of commercially available chondral and osteochondral membranes and carriers
    • Choice of carrier depends on defect type and surgeon’s preference

Preclinical Proof of Concept 

  1. Darling EM, Athanasiou K a. Rapid phenotypic changes in passaged articular chondrocyte subpopulations. J. Orthop. Res. 2005;23(2):425-432. doi:10.1016/j.orthres.2004.08.008.
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